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Alex in my opinion is one of the best in the business. If you are expecting to go in there and have your hand held you are coming to the wrong place. He is not going to make you feel warm and fuzzy but he will be straight up and honest with you based on the information you give him. He has tons of experience and will put your best interest at the heart of the case. People may complain about him being on his computer but again he isn't going to make you feel warm and fuzzy he wants to get you the results you desire. He will always be my go to in the invent I need representation. I would recommend this firm to anyone looking for good representation. He would even take the time to contact me with answers to my questions and not just get answers from his awesome team.
Becky Thompson
15:16 15 Jun 17
YES, you need to hire Hait & Kuhn right now! I was injured in a car accident and as a highly educated individual, I thought I would be able to handle taking on the insurance company and get the treatment I needed to recover on my own, after all I wasn’t at fault. Less than two days later I was so overwhelmed I called Hait & Kuhn. From the second I hired the firm, a huge burden was lifted off my chest. The entire staff is knowledgeable, versatile, compassionate, dedicated, and determined. Elizabeth Kuhn and Dee Dee’s brilliance encompass an array of expertise which allowed me to focus on my healing, my family, and my job without the weight and pressure of the insurance companies and paperwork. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking legal assistance.
Malissa Baker
20:17 27 Jul 16
They represented me (an active duty military member) in my case for my son. Alex was straight forward and honest about the potential outcomes. He nor anyone at the firm gave me false hope. Liz briefly worked with me but was very helpful and direct. Irena worked with me the most as she continues to toward my final hearing. I was able to gain temporary custody of my son. Irena is someone who truly wants to help. She is humble and perfect in court. The firm has always struck as professional and knowledgeable. Will clarify if you have questions of which I have had many. Always accessible. They are concerned about their clients, verified I was okay during a hurricane evacuation. I have a budget that they have worked with. They are the gold standard in my opinion that other lawyers should attempt to achieve.
Jeremy Watson
20:43 24 Oct 17
Hired the firm for a child custody Modification . Received excellent service. Ms Kuhn and her staff answered every question and in a timely matter. I not only won my case but was able to receive even more child support. Professional and Timely...
Taryn Evans
21:13 07 Nov 17
This law firm is one of the best. They make you feel like part of the family while holding your hand and advising me what to do next. We had a two year custody case and they were attentive to my questions and concerns the entire time. They were never to busy to reply to a text or email from me. They were very organized and prepared for court. Everyone in the office took my case as seriously as I did. They explained everything to me before it happened. I could not have done it without them. Thank you Lizz and Alex.
Alissa OBrien
21:59 30 Oct 17
Excellent staff. Professional and courteous. I was fighting an up hill battle. Lizz and her staff believed in me and delivered on their promise. If you are in need of knowledgeable family attorney I highly recommend North Metro.
Meredith White
05:48 11 Dec 17
Our experience with the firm was excellent. Their teamwork that took place was outstanding. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs an attorney with expertise in a child custody case.
Paula Mundy
16:39 15 Dec 17
Alex, Lizz and all of your staff. I want to thank you for taking my bankruptcy case. It was a time in my life when I was emotionally, and financially distressed. You put my mind, and emotions, at ease, by confronting each of these issues. You made me feel as though I was your friend; for that I am grateful. It was a hard for me to deal with and I felt embarrassed by having to file bankruptcy. You made it easier on me. I am forever grateful for that.I would recommend your service to anyone facing these same difficulties and needing someone to guide them through such struggling times.
Jennifer Ambrose
22:11 30 Oct 17
I was involved in a brutal child custody case. Lizz, Alex and Irena as well as the rest of the staff at North Metro Litigators helped me survive the most stressful time in my life. They were knowledgeable and always professional. They won every court case we were involved in and I now have custody of my child. What I will remember most about working with the attorneys is I would go through bouts of depression but after meeting with them in their office, I walked out with a feeling of relief and I didn’t feel like the world was coming to an end. They raised my spirits every time and they were there for me emotionally as well as helping me with legal issues. I have no complaints at all with them and I have even recommended their services to friends of mine. I strongly recommend them to anyone who is reading all these wonderful reviews on here. You can see how many clients appreciate their services and the compliments here are sincere and well deserved.
15:35 28 Dec 17
Amazing people! They got my case finalized so quickly! Very down to earth law firm. If I have any other issues I need taken care of, I’m definitely coming back!
Krystal Marsengill
22:57 15 Jan 18
This firm handled my divorce from start to finish. I couldn't have been happier with their team. Suzi helped answer all my questions and kept me informed of what was going on. They made the ugly process of getting a divorce as quick and painless as possible.
Justin M
12:50 25 Jan 18
We hired Lizz for a family matter because out of the handful of lawyers that I met with and called she was the only one who gave me a game plan of how we were going to not only handle the case, but handle the outcome afterwards. She was very straight forward in letting us know exactly what was going on and how we needed to proceed even if we did not hire her. She handled our case, quickly, efficiently, and kept us updated every step of the way. We were very pleased and hope to not need them again-- but are happy to know they have our back if we do need them later on.
brandie baird
12:35 06 Feb 18
My fiance obtained the firm's services almost two years ago. Although always being respectful to her they new that we were fighting as a family. They have always made myself and my in laws feel a part of. They delivered on their promise and have done an outstanding job. Thank you to everyone on the team.
Sonny Granger
22:20 09 Feb 18
The team at NML did such a great job handling my divorce! So much so that I have used them more than once! They are professional, timely, and reasonable. They have a personal approach with their clients in being accessible and REAL. The teamwork here is amazing, and I highly recommend them!
JJ Wilson
17:20 24 Apr 18
Amazing firm. They handled my husband's modification of divorce from his first wife about 5 years ago and I can't say enough good things. They were efficient and exceedingly professional. I recommend them to anyone and everyone. You will not be disappointed!
Ashley McEwing-Murphree
17:31 26 Apr 18
I felt like the entire staff was extremely helpful and accessible throughout the entire process. I am very happy with mu choice to go with this firm and would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs an attorney for a bankruptcy or a divorce case.
Jeff Reid
17:56 27 Apr 18
DO NOT LOOK ANY FURTHER! I had Elizabeth Kuhn as my attorney and her team helped me win my case with no sweat off our backs. She is expensive however I advise you save every penny to get her because she will do it right THE FIRST TIME! I had a cheaper attorney handle my case initially and messed it up to the point it ended up costing me severely in the end. If you go with Lizz, she'll do it right the first time so the investment is worth it. So here is what happened: I had a contempt action brought against me by my ex who is a superior manipulator. Also, I was up against a judge who dislikes me to the core due to his master skill. I was screwed. We met Lizz and outright she took charge in the consultation. You could tell just from speaking to her that she plays NO GAMES. She was quick, efficient, everything that she did and we were billed for was used and not wasted, she knew exactly what to do, when to do it, how to do it. I. Won. My. Case. She saved my only baby from being ripped from me. (That is what my ex was asking for) and she saved me from potentially going to jail. You need her on your case. I promise you. Spend the money, and save your family!
Lylith Elaine
22:32 30 Apr 18
Elizabeth delivers great results!! I saw her up against a really tough judge in Cobb County and she won the case. I recommend her to anyone seeking family law assistance.
Peter Hun
03:21 09 May 18
My friend felt safe in court with Ms. Kuhn as her attorney. She told us what the most likely result would be, and it happened. She is respected by the court, its staff, and opposing counsel. Her own staff is very professional as well.
nathan hayes
20:30 10 May 18
Love love love North Metro litigators!!! They have been nothing but amazzing!! Everything was handled promptly and professionally! I was in a Hit and Run and had no where to turn! They took care of absolutely EVERYTHING!! Thank you!
Heather Ross
17:00 18 May 18
Wonderful people all of them! They are very prompt in answering your questions and very knowledgeable. We filed for bankruptcy and they helped us out immensely with a payment plan that didn’t hurt us financially. They did not make us feel ashamed at all for having to file bankruptcy. They even helped us with some paternity issues as well. They are a one stop shop and are the best! We highly recommend this firm!
Mom of 5
23:12 18 May 18
As one who has been in the criminal justice field for 30 years I can say that this is the best law group I have ever dealt with. They are quick, professional and very understanding when dealing with clients, who are many times going through the hardest times of their life.
Jim Koury
22:45 21 Jun 18
I was referred to NML by a friend going thru a similar family matter. Right away in my consultation I felt comfortable with Lizz. The entire team at NML is fantastic to work with and provides excellent guidance thru legal matters at some of the most stressful moments in life. They got me where I needed to be with haste. I would recommend them to friends and family for sure.
Christopher Becker
09:48 26 Jul 18
I saw HK on the internet and after looking through reviews, I decided to proceed with them. It wasn't a bad choice, though, because they treated me very kindly and showed that they really cared about my divorce case. They prepared all documents necessary in a timely manner and corresponded with me thoroughly throughout the entire case and process. Liz and Matthew were very comfortable in the court room and Liz laid down that hammer hard, but professionally. I would definitely recommend this law firm to anyone who needs legal assistance.
Kelsey Rudd
04:18 12 Sep 18
Five out of five, ten out of 10, 110% - not just a perfect score but more! Lizz, Alex and every single member of H&K Litigators went above and beyond for my multiple cases. The response time was remarkable and even answered during the evening when things were urgent and deadlines were pressing! The highly trained staff support their clients with discretion, care and consideration. H&K will forever be my choice and retained legal counsel! Thank you all!
Michelle Maughan
15:09 18 Sep 18
It's obvious the entire office works as a team! Emails are answered so quickly and thoroughly that it helps provide some peace of mind when going through the life event that brought you there. Would highly recommend!
Bambi Papp
14:41 04 Oct 18
My case has been concluded and I believe it is a great time to leave a review. Hait & Kuhn North Metro Litigators is an AMAZING place to go. Their staff and team are all thoroughly dedicated. I went for my Divorce process. They meet with you initially for free and you can just sit there and ask anything you need. They were super pleasant, and even had a kid room and really didn't mind my children walking/running around. I worked most closely with Ashley Rogers and Ali Williams, although I had Liz Kuhn as my lawyer representative. Ashley is amazing and attentive and helped me through so many endless questions and processes. As well as Ali. I am so grateful for them as they helped me through an event that happened during my divorce that I myself could NOT have solved. This team will take you seriously and LISTEN to you but also SHOW you want to do. 10/10 recommend! I will definitely use them for anything else in the future I may need.
Aubrey Bradford
20:15 13 Oct 18
I recently helped my daughter with her divorce, and hired North Metro Litigators. They were very prompt with responses, understanding, and assistance. We felt very confident with the team looking out for her best interests. I would definitely recommend this office and use them again!
22:03 13 Oct 18
The whole staff was attentive to our needs and worked hard to get our case settled. We are grateful for Alex and Lizz and the entire staff! - Ange and Rob
15:02 06 Nov 18
Alex and Liz are awesome. They had no problems being firm in every scenario against the other party, which truly made me feel like they had my best interests at heart.
Tip S
20:35 05 Dec 18
I cannot say enough about this law office. I would recommend to anyone. They were professional, went above and beyond and did an amazing job!
Sheree Ellis
20:51 12 Dec 18
I had a very complicated divorce and was recommended to North Metro by a friend. Alex and Lizz run a great firm and I was never in the dark about what my costs would be or where my case was in the process. They made my situation the best it possibly could have been. HIGHLY recommend that you give them a call if you have any legal situation. A+
Joe Cummings
17:46 20 Dec 18
I called the firm after my accident. They guided me through the process, explained everything in great detail. My case is still pending and I expect a good ending to it. I would definitely recommend Hait & Kuhn to family and friends if they need legal help
James Paul
13:51 04 Jan 19
My ex-husband was pulled over Friday April 14, 2017 for an accident that he caused, he was angry and intentionally went after another vehicle. He had just picked up our three children for his weekend with the kids. I got the phone call about 30 minutes after he left to come pick up the kids because he was being arrested. I picked them up and they were scared out their minds - I had no idea what to do. I called Liz Kuhn that Monday morning frantic, not sure what to do. She had helped me settle my Divorce in 2013 since she had helped me so much with that it only made sense to call her yet again. I was not wrong. She immediately had us at the court house the next day to file a TPO for my children to give them time to heal from the trauma that had been caused. It only took us a few months to reach the resolve that I wanted which was for him to get help (I wanted him enrolled in anger management classes and family counseling for him and the children to work through the incident) and in time his visitations were restored. Ali Williams was also a tremendous help and now the kids see their father regularly after he completed the requirements. I am so grateful to Hait & Kuhn for a happy quick resolve.
Leslie Sistrunk
20:10 13 Jan 19
I've used this firm for several different reason(s) - divorce, child modification and now personal injury. Seems like a lot for one person but it's the cards I was dealt. Alex and Liz handled my divorce and modification. Alex has always handled things with care, heart and has always provided positive results with real expectations. He doesn't sugar coat reality so you have to understand this in his personality. If you need your hand held and need to be lied too all the time, you will not appreciate him or how he's trying to protect you in a court of law! Liz, is probably one of the toughest attorneys in our circuit. She is not someone you want on the opposite side of you in a courtroom. It's common knowledge that she is tough as nails! Those that take the time to get to know her know understand that she is this way because if you are her client, you become a part of her every thought and her life really. She's passionate because she cares so much! She's good at what she does because she doesn't accept failure! The two of them together make an amazing team! I initially was using Anna in their firm for my personal injury case (someone was on their phone on I85 and rear ended me on the interstate) but she's decided to take a different professional path so she's no longer with the firm. I have no hesitation that Alex and his staff will handle my case with the same professional care that they always have so rather it was Anna, Alex, Liz or if they hire someone else, I am confident that they will oversee every detail and work diligently on my case for the results that are expected.
Alex Freudenberg
16:59 17 Jan 19
I believe that my daughter hired the very best law firm to handle her case. I'm very thankful to Hait & Kuhn for helping her navigate this complex & complicated divorce.Thanks to their experience and knowledge , my daughter ended up with the very best outcome possible and to that I am very thankful. I will recommend you to all of my family and friends.
Dianna Allen
19:13 28 Feb 19
The North Metro Litigators were Great! They work real hard for you and answer all your questions. We would highly recommend them! Nancy Tafel
Cleveland RV
14:29 06 Mar 19
Liz and her associates worked very hard for me during my divorce. She definitely knows her case law. She was such a valuable asset to me and my family. i world highly recommend her and her firm for all of your needs. She kept close contact with my family and made sure i was ready for court. Once again , A HUGE thanks o NORTH Metro Litigators.
Kory Tafel
14:08 07 Mar 19
The entire team at North Metro Litigators is top notch and very efficient. They are always welcoming and work hard for their clients never settling for anything less than the best possible outcome! Communication is key and without a doubt I had that the entire time of my case. Thanks for all the hard work!
Michael Drago
16:34 29 Mar 19
Awesome staff. Any questions I had they answered even if it was 11 o clock at night. Will definitely use them again if the need arises.
Jon Clayton
18:46 09 Apr 19
How do i begin, my divorce was a horrible mess. My first attorney did not explain what my options were and I was always confused. When I didn't get the help I needed I decided to change attorneys. I am so glad I did. I spoke with Kim first over the phone. Kim was my paralegal and a rockstar I must say. She is knowledgeable, stern and a hard worker. Kim along with Dominic went over my case, gave me homework and explained to me what wasn't done and what needed to be done. The day before my court hearing Laura Kuhn spoke with my ex husband's attorney and got me what I asked for. They are an amazing team. I am so glad I called North Metro Litigators.
Cheryl Cooper
13:52 15 May 19
The entire team at North Metro Litigators were great and very efficient. They work hard for you never settling for anything less than the best possible outcome. They did my divorce 16 years ago and my child recovery just recently. Thank you for all your hard work!
14:12 29 May 19
Huge A+ for Alex and Suzi!! They worked so hard on my case and were constantly talking me "off the ledge" and thoroughly walking me through each step of my case. Thanks and kudos to you both!
16:00 29 May 19
I would like to thank the entire staff of North Metro Litigators! What an amazingly, professional team! Divorce is very personal and emotional. Lizz Kuhn walked with me each and every step. Amy, Allison,And Kim brought calm and support to situations that needed to come out of my hands , and let the lawyers do their job. They listened to my story, set a plan of action, and I am officially Divorced after 31 years. I would and do highly recommend their team. That’s what they are.
bonnie harrison
09:41 11 Jun 19
We just went through a non typical adoption case and North Metro was the best choice we could have made for a Law Firm. From the very beginning we sat down and came up with a detailed plan for what we wanted. We discussed the what ifs and our fears. Alex and his team helped us understand what would and could happen in each scenario we threw at him. His knowledge of all laws and processes was very easy to see. He clearly demonstrated his understanding of the state and federal Laws when the opposing lawyer tried to propose irrational compromises. Alex shut it down so fast and it made our trust in him even greater. We enjoyed working with all of his staff and would certainly recommend him to represent any of our friends and family.
Will MacLafferty
15:32 17 Jun 19
I can’t say enough great things about this law firm. As a mom, going through an adoption case, Alex was able to hold my hand and go through every detail of this case. Alex and his team were able to update us and answer every question we had for them. I couldn’t have picked a better attorney to represent our family. We highly recommend this firm! Thank you Alex and team!
Cindy Vo
18:54 17 Jun 19
Alex and Suzi took amazing care of us. They were always prompt to respond. Alex was especially great at helping us understand the legal side of things and what was in our best interest. We would highly recommend Alex Kuhn and his staff to anyone needing a lawyer and would definitely use them again should the need present itself.
Wendi Tate
22:20 19 Aug 19
Alex, Suzi and the rest of the team were always prompt and professional to answer a question and make me feel comfortable when the very uncomfortable moments arose .. Alex is a geniusIn the courtroom remembered every detail about my case with 100% accuracy.. Before meeting Alex other law firms had left me disappointed and left me with no confidence that I would ever achieve results! Alex always spoke accurately about what it would take from me to get this done. They were also upfront and accurate about the cost.
Richard Higgins
23:48 12 Sep 19
This office is simply amazing. They are always here to help when you need something. They not only have email's that are answered in a quick fashion they have a texting app called ZipWhip that you can send a message too if you do not have email capabilities. Lizz and Alex and all of the staff are incredible and compassionate. I would never use anyone else.
Kimberley Rafferty
14:13 02 Oct 19
Alex and his team did an amazing job!They helped us make the right decision. They always followed up with us, guided us through the process, and kept us up to date. The professionalism that they displayed made us feel confident in our decision to hire them. -Maria Cordoba and Valentina Marin
19:19 21 Oct 19
Hait & Kuhn have been amazing to work with. They are extremely prompt at handling your case and you very easy to connect with anytime you have a question about your case. Some of the best team of lawyers I have ever had the pleasure of working with!
Shannan Sterner
19:36 31 Oct 19
We found Elizabeth Kuhn and her staff on a google search and they have really helped our family out! They were very knowledgeable, caring and timely in their responses. They were also very thorough, and helped with being very prepared. I would highly recommend them!
Kaylin Brown
17:38 20 Nov 19
Ms. Kuhn and her staff were phenomenal to work with and really made me feel valued and taken care of. I slept much more soundly at night because I knew they'd have my back.
David Greenberg
19:29 30 Dec 19
My counselors of choice. I would recommend Hait and Kuhn to anyone needing strong competent representation. H&K North Metro Litigators were well prepared for each phase of my case. And not just if things went in our favor but in case they didn't too. They helped us understand the pros and cons of each potential outcome of each phase and had definitive action plan to address the potential outcomes. H&K stayed in constant contact with us and the opposing party and we never felt lost or confused at anytime. Their courtroom performance was impeccable, respectful to all parties involved and firm and fair to the opposition. H&K were able to achieve and outcome in our favor. And my family and I can never thank them enough. Even if they hadn't won our case, I would use them again, for the quality of service and professionalism we received from the front office staff, the paralegals, and the attorneys.
Jamil Lucy
19:06 03 Feb 20
This firm is nothing short of amazing and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a lawyer specializing in family law. They are compassionate, efficient, and extremely knowledgable. The team went above and beyond to help me settle my divorce as quickly as possible. They provided great advice throughout the process and worked around the clock to help me. I'm grateful for all of their help and I'm glad I didn't look anywhere else. They don't disappoint!
Christine Green
00:46 04 Feb 20
Hait and Kuhn are a confident, professional, and personable team. They make you feel like family and get the job done! Can't thank them enough for their help!
Eric C
19:51 19 Feb 20
Alex and the staff did an excellent job in handling my personal injury case. Alex and Suzi took time to meet with me and answer any and all questions in regards to my case. The whole staff keeps you informed every step of the way about your case. They make you feel like family and not just another case number. Thanks for a job well done!Kathy Galloway
Angelina Galloway
02:37 24 Feb 20
Ms. Kuhn came highly recommended and she did not disappoint. Her staff handled every phone call and email quickly and professionally. They calmed my nervous and made me feel prepared. I would highly recommend as I had a wonderful experience.
Richard Cantlupe
19:51 06 Mar 20
My experience with Metro Litigators has been awesome! My husband was in a car accident and they took very good care with his case. They were always keeping in touch not only about the case but also to see how he was feeling. Needless to say when I was in an accident they were the first Litigators I went to. They have once again exceeded my expectations.
Dorice Bowden
15:58 15 Mar 20
Amazing law firm....from the receptionists to the paralegals to the Lawyers. They keep me informed on every movement of my case. Very friendly and welcoming environment. They truly made me feel like family. I feel like I have a law firm that can handle any life obstacle that comes my way. Thank you North metro litigators!
Audris Hamilton
16:23 28 Apr 20
Very low stress process with regular communication. The firm works together very well to keep you informed. They are straight forward and let you know what to expect upfront. We highly recommend them and are very thankful for their assistance.
heather michalski
16:44 20 Apr 20
I was referred to North Metro Litigators through my work's legal assistance program when I decided to proceed with my divorce. I wanted to proceed with Alex and Liz because they really seemed to understand my situation and felt confident that they could help me and get the outcomes I was hoping for. I chose them over other firms because they (1) followed through with their word, (2) made my case a priority and (3) had great reviews! They gave me amazing legal guidance and helped hold my hand through the legal process as I was so novice to the legal system. They always processed my documentation so quickly, making sure the process did not stall and we could resolve my situation as quickly as possible. They were so knowledgeable and really took control to represent me where I felt so out of my depths and I felt comfortable with the fact knowing that they had my best interests top of mind. Liz and Alex always showed up to my case extremely prepared and it was so comforting that they were so prepared with my case where my opposing counsel and his team were not. I would ABSOLUTELY use them again should I need legal counsel in the future as well as would recommend them to all my friends and family. Thank you Liz, Alex and Team for helping me move onto my next chapter in my life 🙂 I am eternally grateful for what you and your team did for me.
Samantha Mears
19:12 25 Jun 20
I live in another state and I bought a car in Georgia. 2 days later I was hit while going through a traffic light and my car was totaled. Luckily a cop saw it happen so it helped speed things up but I still needed someone to represent me. My sisters, neighbor worked for this law firm and I talked with her about it and agreed to let Alex represent my case.. thank you Alex! I couldn’t have asked for anyone better and I was kept abreast of everything happening.. Alex and his team took away my worries.. Paula Anderson
Paula hinkle
19:28 30 Jun 20
We were in a roller coaster accident at the fair, and we went to NML shortly after as they are local to us in Woodstock - they gathered our medical bills, kept in contact throughout the process and submitted a demand to the people responsible...they were even able to negotiate for a higher payout in the end. I would definitely recommend! So glad that nightmare is over but they made the process less stressful and got everything done for us.
14:55 17 Sep 20
My fiancé and I could not have chosen a better attorney to support our child custody battle for his two sons. Lizz, Alex and team all work harmoniously together but have exceled in both their communications and dedication to our case. Lizz, specifically, is a force to be reckoned with and it comes across in the courtroom! She has been respectful and empathetic to our many questions and needs, but simultaneously tells you like it is which we appreciate. and value. We are SO grateful to her and her team for helping us through such a tumultuous time. We'll never go anywhere else. Thank you Lizz and team!
Melissa Thompson
14:32 28 Aug 20
I was referred to Lizz and Alex, by a close family member, to represent me in my divorce. They were extremely knowledgeable about the legal process, they were consummate professionals, and they kept me well informed through out the process. They gave me weekly updates as needed that kept me up to date and allowed me to plan and adjust our strategy as necessary. The entire staff was helpful and friendly, ensuring that I felt comfortable and confident of success. I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. 5/5 stars.
Jennifer M
14:37 29 Oct 20
Hait & Kuhn are simply the best! They go above and beyond! I definitely recommend them to anyone who is going thru legal troubles! They have such an amazing friendly staff who make you feel important and treat you like family! Lizz communicated with me constantly and helped me stay informed throughout my whole case. I am soo grateful to them for their hard work in helping me win my case ! THANK YOU!!
Esme Enriquez
05:33 05 Dec 20
Broke 2 bones in my wrist in a accident on a rollercoaster and had to get a surgery 6 months later so I had about a full year of recovery time. During that time they were always in contact asking how I was doing and with updates on my case. Any questions I had were answered swiftly and detailed from the start. Ended up with a much better settlement than I initially thought I would get. Would highly reccomend NML to all of my family and friends.
Casey Stewart
20:38 05 Feb 21
Great law Firm! I went through them twice, they were very helpful, knowledgeable, very polite! And they worked very hard for my case! I highly recommend this Law firm!
Ronnie Merkin
19:04 22 Feb 21
I was referred by a friend to this firm who use their services and I was very pleased with the professional timely communication of the process that ended with a Successful verdictAnd I highly recommend to anyone who is in need of an awesome law firm!
Hemmard Thomas
22:16 01 Mar 21

Trust the Experience of North Metro Litigators

The attorneys at Hait & Kuhn work with a wide variety of clients in difficult circumstances. Whether you are going through a tough divorce, filing for bankruptcy or recovering from a serious injury, our close-knit team of lawyers will fight to make sure you get the outcome you deserve. We provide aggressive representation to our clients in the courtroom. We are the premier attorneys for Alpharetta, Woodstock, and the entire north metro-Atlanta region for family law, personal injury, divorce, bankruptcy, and more. We enjoy preparing cases for trial, and apply a proactive approach to litigation. We anticipate the legal strategies of opposing counsel and are always one step ahead of the game, vigorously protecting the rights of our clients. We offer free initial consultations to all prospective clients – evening and weekend appointments are available.

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