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Essential Elements of a Georgia Parenting Plan in Child Custody Cases

If they so choose and they’ve resolved all issues between themselves, couples who don’t have children won’t have to deal with each other ever again after the ink dries on their final divorce decree. Divorcing parents, however, don’t have the same luxury. Mom and dad will have to regularly interact and find a way to work together in raising their children if they both want to have meaningful roles as parents. This can be complicated and...

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Alpharetta Child Custody Lawyers Answer Custody & Visitation FAQs

What does “custody” mean? In Georgia, the term “custody” actually refers to two different concepts: physical custody and legal custody. It is important that parents understand the distinctions between the two as they work through the custody process. Physical Custody. Physical custody refers to where a child will live and who they will live with. Often, parents share physical custody of their children (known as joint physical custody), with one...

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