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As a spouse, parent, child, sibling, or grandparent, your relationships with your loved ones are some of the most important and impactful aspects of your life. Your family can bring you joy, comfort, support, and love. However, when difficult or complicated issues arise, families can be torn apart and loving bonds can fray. When faced with stressful situations, it can be hard to know how to move forward or what steps to take to protect yourself or your children. That’s when turning to an experienced team of Alpharetta family lawyers can make a significant difference.

North Metro Litigators understands that all family law matters are wrought with emotion. We are sensitive to our clients’ situations and committed to helping families navigate both day-to-day and long-term challenges, including those related to divorce, child custody and support, and asset division. Our goal is to resolve your case as quickly and fairly as possible, all while protecting you and your children’s best interests.

We Advocate for Families

When it comes to family law matters, even issues that may appear minor at first glance can quickly turn into complicated and heated disputes. If young children are involved, these issues can leave long-lasting and negative effects for years to come. For these reasons, it is crucial to approch these matters with the personal care and sensitivity they deserve.

Our family lawyers in Alpharetta and Woodstock understand exactly how much is at stake when you come to us with your questions and concerns. We know that you need answers and action to help you move forward. You also need a legal team who has the skills and insight required to minimize unnecessary conflict as well as attorneys who will vigorously advocate for you and your children when conflict is unavoidable.

At North Metro Litigators, you will find allies and advisors who you can lean and depend on, who are available and accessible, and who know that your issues aren’t just about the law – they are about your life.

Family Issues Can Arise at Any Time – Our Family Law Attorneys in Alpharetta and Woodstock Are Ready to Help

Family issues can arise at any stage in life. From an infant being adopted to a grandparent seeking to maintain their relationship with their grandchildren, family law involves a wide range of life changes and challenges. While the dissolution of marriage is among the most significant and tumultuous of issues that families can face, problems can – and often do – come up long after the ink dries on a final divorce decree.

Custody of children, support for children and/or ex-spouses, as well as other matters can arise after couples split up. The ongoing and time-consuming nature of these issues can make it feel like your case is never truly over.

Additionally, new circumstances or opportunities may require modifications to arrangements which were once fair and workable but are no longer so. The behavior or lifestyle of a parent or former spouse may represent a threat to the safety and well-being of their child or ex-spouse, necessitating the involvement of law enforcement or significant restrictions on their rights.

Regardless of your specific circumstances, either an Alpharetta family lawyer or Woodstock family attorney from our firm can help. Whether you are facing a family law matter for the first time or are attempting to resolve continuing issues, we provide you with the personal attention and steadfast legal counsel to give you and your loved ones peace of mind and a clear path forward.

Successfully Handling a Wide Range of Family Law Matters

With decades of combined experience handling all types of Georgia family law matters, the family attorneys at North Metro Litigators are committed to assisting families with a wide range of matters. We know this is an extremely difficult time for you and your loved ones, and we stand by your side, every step of the way. Our family lawyers in Alpharetta and Woodstock, GA offer skilled representation for complex family law cases, such as:

  • Divorce. The end of a marriage signifies the start of a new chapter of life. But before you can turn the page, you need to work through a web of issues that are often fraught with intense emotion and the potential for explosive conflict. At North Metro Litigators, we focus on the heart of the issues that divorcing couples may face. Our Alpharetta family lawyers seek fair and equitable agreements whenever possible while ensuring that our clients are respected and their rights protected. All families have the option of hiring us on retainer, or for a flat fee. Uncontested matters, including divorce and modification – a divorce or modification where both parties agree to the terms of the divorce settlement or modification of terms – starts at just $500. Flexible payment plans, such as installment plans are available to those who need them. Our goal is to provide quality legal services at a reasonable cost.
  • Child Custody. Parents may make the decision to get divorced, but children must live with the fallout of that choice. They must also build new lives, yet, how and where they do so can be one of the most contentious issues divorcing couples can face. We work with parents to craft child custody arrangements that focus on the child’s best interests first and foremost. Our family law attorneys also work to ensure that the bonds between parent and child are preserved and strengthened, both during and after the divorce.
  • Child Support. Marriages may end, but parental responsibilities do not. Both parents have obligations to ensure that their children have the means and resources to grow and thrive. Those obligations need to be set in child support orders which are fair and truly reflect the respective financial and practical circumstances of each parent. Our Georgia family attorneys know that some spouses can be tempted to play games with their assets and finances in an attempt to manipulate child support amounts. We don’t let that happen.
  • Child Visitation and Parenting Time. The moments you spend with your kids are precious and irreplaceable. These are the times when life-long memories are made and bonds are deepened. However, the desires of each parent to spend time with their children can often conflict. Sometimes, parents don’t follow visitation schedules or purposefully try to interfere with the other parent’s designated time with a child. Our Alpharetta and Woodstock family lawyers know how special and important parenting time is. The parents we represent know that we will go the distance to ensure that they get the maximum amount of time with their kids.
  • Alimony. Marriage involves sacrifice and often can leave spouses on unequal footing when the marriage ends. Alimony, also called spousal maintenance, is often awarded in such circumstances. Spousal support can be granted during divorce proceedings, for a set period after the divorce is finalized, or on an indefinite basis. Whether alimony should be part of the divorce equation at all or determining how much and for how long it should be paid is a complex question involving a full understanding of the law and a holistic consideration of the couple’s conduct and contributions during the marriage. When you work with a family attorney at our firm, you can rest confidently knowing that we will thoroughly review your individual financial circumstances to arrive at a spousal support decision that is both fair and feasible.
  • Asset Valuation and Division. When couples separate, it does not always mean that their assets will be divided equally. In Georgia, principles of “equitable distribution” guide the division of assets in a divorce, and those principles are based on classifying assets as either separate or marital as well as properly valuing the property to be allocated to each spouse. This is no easy task, especially when complex asset portfolios, retirement and pension benefits, business ownership, or a family home is involved. Property valuation can also be complicated when a spouse tries to conceal their individual assets or understate their financial resources in an effort to alter the playing field in their favor. We know how to expose financial gamesmanship and make sure that everyone’s cards are on the table so that assets are valued and divided equitably.
  • Grandparent Custody. Grandparents often take on active roles in the lives of their grandchildren, particularly when parents are unable to fulfill their parental duties due to drug or alcohol abuse, mental health issues, or other circumstances. As grandparents are the next link in the family chain and have loving bonds and relationships with their grandchildren, it may be better in such situations for grandparents to attain custody, rather than children going to foster homes. The family law attorneys at North Metro Litigators can assist grandparents in bringing the appropriate court action to best protect their grandchildren and their rights.
  • Modification Orders. Given life’s unpredictability, families often undergo critical changes which may make it appropriate or necessary to modify child support or child custody arrangements that were previously established. Parents may lose jobs or, conversely, advance to positions which pay significantly more than they used to make. Children’s needs may change and parents may also remarry. When significant life changes happen, North Metro Litigators’ Alpharetta family lawyers see to it that existing orders are changed to appropriately reflect new realities or fight against such modifications when they would be unfair or unjustified.
  • Domestic Violence. Domestic violence threatens and shatters lives every day in Georgia and across the country. Such conduct, whether through threats, stalking, harassment, verbal abuse, or physical violence, put the lives of spouses, parents, and children at risk. The law recognizes the scope and seriousness of domestic violence and provides a mechanism for victims seeking security or protection. For clients in such frightening circumstances, we help obtain orders of protection which can provide a measure of relief, reduce the likelihood of further violence, and result in significant consequences for the abuser if he or she violates the terms of the order.
  • Adoption. Adopting a child is a very exciting and rewarding time for you and your family. However, it can also be confusing and stressful, even when all goes right. If unexpected hurdles arise during the adoption process, overcoming them can be a complicated and emotionally draining process. The Woodstock family law attorneys at North Metro Litigators know what adoption means for parents and children, and work tirelessly to make the adoption process go as smoothly as possible.
  • Paternity and Legitimation. When unmarried couples have a child, establishing paternity can be a vital step toward ensuring that both parents have fair custody and visitation rights as well as meet their parental obligations regarding financial support for the child. In legitimation cases, fathers seek to establish that a child is their own, not only to secure their own parental rights, but also to ensure their children receive proper benefits and their rightful inheritance. At North Metro Litigators, we can help you through the nuanced processes of paternity and legitimation, and will fight to protect your rights as a father.
  • Parental Relocation. For parents in Georgia who are either divorced or unmarried and wish to move out of state, relocation can present practical and legal challenges for all involved. Court approval for relocating is often required. We help parents who are seeking to move as well as those opposed to their ex-partner or spouse relocating so that the child’s best interests are protected and each parent’s rights respected.
  • Visitation. Visitation arrangements allow family members (primarily the parent who does not have primary custody) to spend time with a child. These types of arrangements can be made between ex-spouses on their own, but in many cases, tend to cause conflict due to one parent desiring additional time than has been agreed upon or a parent not committing to the previously agreed upon arrangements. Courts can determine visitation schedules, but it is in every parent’s best interests to consult with an experienced family attorney to ensure they have a full understanding of their rights and legal options.
  • Terminating Parental Rights. Although Georgia Courts favor allowing both parents equal time with their children, there are times when parental rights for either the mother or the father may be revoked. In some cases, these rights are revoked by law in Court because the parent’s situation or behavior may endanger the child. Other times, a parent may voluntarily relinquish their rights. Each case is unique, which is why it is important to discuss your decision and options with an attorney prior to finalizing your plans.
  • Family Law FAQs. Disputes among family members can create stress and affect everyone in the household, especially small children. If you are struggling with a family law matter in Alpharetta or Woodstock, Georgia, our attorneys are here for you. Obtain answers to commonly asked questions about family law, including child custody, child support, parental rights, and more on our Family Law FAQ page.

Committed to Providing Compassionate Legal Services to Families

When you hire a family law attorney to represent your case, naturally, you expect them to be well-versed in Georgia laws. However, you should also expect more. You should expect your lawyer to take the time to truly listen to your concerns, to be patient and understanding, and to treat you and your loved ones with respect.

At North Metro Litigators, we are committed to providing our clients with not only experienced, but compassionate legal counsel. When you retain an Alpharetta family lawyer or Woodstock family attorney from our firm, your challenges and goals become ours, and we do not rest until your issues are resolved as swiftly and fairly as possible.

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