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Visitation Rights

An Alpharetta Child Custody Lawyer Helps Parents to Ensure They Have Reasonable Visitation Rights

When a couple with a child decides to live outside the nuclear family structure, decisions on custody and support become necessary. An Alpharetta child custody lawyer at North Metro Litigators can provide advocacy to parents who want to ensure they have adequate time with their children even after a separation or divorce from the child’s other parent.

Parents may want shared custody or ample visitation time and a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney at our firm can help parents to argue for their preferred plan to share parenting time. We can also represent grandparents who are seeking visitation with grandchildren in appropriate cases. If you want a dedicated and knowledgeable legal professional with ample experience in custody cases fighting for you, give us a call today.

What Are Visitation Rights and How Do They Affect Parents?

When parents separate with shared children, a parenting plan can be created through an out-of-court negotiation or a judge can determine how a child’s time should be shared among the parents.  Parents may be granted joint custody, or one parent may have primary custody while the other has visitation rights. This is common in circumstances where parents live in geographically dispersed areas.

Grandparents could also, in certain cases, petition for visitation rights with children if it is in the best interests of the child and if the parents are separated, divorced or one parent is deceased or missing.

When deciding on visitation agreements outside of court, parents need to be aware of their rights so as to reach a reasonable compromise. As family law attorneys with decades of experience, North Metro Litigators makes it easy for families to agree on a visitation schedule that makes sense and that provides the stability and support children need. By working with an experienced attorney, parents maximize the chances of being able to agree on a parenting plan that works best for their individual family situation.

Sometimes, parents are not able to agree on visitation. An experienced child custody lawyer at our Alpharetta firm is here to help when this occurs. While many family law attorneys rarely or never go to court, our legal team has ample experience with litigation and we are always ready to fight for your visitation rights with your children before a judge.  

Schedule a Consultation to Discuss Visitation Options or Appeal a Court Ruling

North Metro Litigators represents parents, grandparents and families who need to make decisions on how time with children will be shared. We will work with you to ensure you are eligible for visitation time with the children in your life. Our attorneys review every possible option and advocate on your behalf to maximize your chances of a successful negotiation on custody or to ensure you can put together a strong case in court.

We are not only skilled negotiators, we also have ample courtroom experience fighting for clients and their kids. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the personalized legal services we can provide.