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Alex in my opinion is one of the best in the business. If you are expecting to go in there and have your hand held you are coming to the wrong place. He is not going to make you feel warm and fuzzy but he will be straight up and honest with you based on the information you give him. He has tons of experience and will put your best interest at the heart of the case. People may complain about him being on his computer but again he isn't going to make you feel warm and fuzzy he wants to get you the results you desire. He will always be my go to in the invent I need representation. I would recommend this firm to anyone looking for good representation. He would even take the time to contact me with answers to my questions and not just get answers from his awesome team.
Becky Thompson
15:16 15 Jun 17
YES, you need to hire Hait & Kuhn right now! I was injured in a car accident and as a highly educated individual, I thought I would be able to handle taking on the insurance company and get the treatment I needed to recover on my own, after all I wasn’t at fault. Less than two days later I was so overwhelmed I called Hait & Kuhn. From the second I hired the firm, a huge burden was lifted off my chest. The entire staff is knowledgeable, versatile, compassionate, dedicated, and determined. Elizabeth Kuhn and Dee Dee’s brilliance encompass an array of expertise which allowed me to focus on my healing, my family, and my job without the weight and pressure of the insurance companies and paperwork. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this firm to anyone seeking legal assistance.
Malissa Baker
20:17 27 Jul 16
They represented me (an active duty military member) in my case for my son. Alex was straight forward and honest about the potential outcomes. He nor anyone at the firm gave me false hope. Liz briefly worked with me but was very helpful and direct. Irena worked with me the most as she continues to toward my final hearing. I was able to gain temporary custody of my son. Irena is someone who truly wants to help. She is humble and perfect in court. The firm has always struck as professional and knowledgeable. Will clarify if you have questions of which I have had many. Always accessible. They are concerned about their clients, verified I was okay during a hurricane evacuation. I have a budget that they have worked with. They are the gold standard in my opinion that other lawyers should attempt to achieve.
Jeremy Watson
20:43 24 Oct 17
Hired the firm for a child custody Modification . Received excellent service. Ms Kuhn and her staff answered every question and in a timely matter. I not only won my case but was able to receive even more child support. Professional and Timely...
Taryn Evans
21:13 07 Nov 17
This law firm is one of the best. They make you feel like part of the family while holding your hand and advising me what to do next. We had a two year custody case and they were attentive to my questions and concerns the entire time. They were never to busy to reply to a text or email from me. They were very organized and prepared for court. Everyone in the office took my case as seriously as I did. They explained everything to me before it happened. I could not have done it without them. Thank you Lizz and Alex.
Alissa OBrien
21:59 30 Oct 17
Excellent staff. Professional and courteous. I was fighting an up hill battle. Lizz and her staff believed in me and delivered on their promise. If you are in need of knowledgeable family attorney I highly recommend North Metro.
Meredith White
05:48 11 Dec 17
Our experience with the firm was excellent. Their teamwork that took place was outstanding. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs an attorney with expertise in a child custody case.
Paula Mundy
16:39 15 Dec 17
Alex, Lizz and all of your staff. I want to thank you for taking my bankruptcy case. It was a time in my life when I was emotionally, and financially distressed. You put my mind, and emotions, at ease, by confronting each of these issues. You made me feel as though I was your friend; for that I am grateful. It was a hard for me to deal with and I felt embarrassed by having to file bankruptcy. You made it easier on me. I am forever grateful for that.I would recommend your service to anyone facing these same difficulties and needing someone to guide them through such struggling times.
Jennifer Ambrose
22:11 30 Oct 17
I was involved in a brutal child custody case. Lizz, Alex and Irena as well as the rest of the staff at North Metro Litigators helped me survive the most stressful time in my life. They were knowledgeable and always professional. They won every court case we were involved in and I now have custody of my child. What I will remember most about working with the attorneys is I would go through bouts of depression but after meeting with them in their office, I walked out with a feeling of relief and I didn’t feel like the world was coming to an end. They raised my spirits every time and they were there for me emotionally as well as helping me with legal issues. I have no complaints at all with them and I have even recommended their services to friends of mine. I strongly recommend them to anyone who is reading all these wonderful reviews on here. You can see how many clients appreciate their services and the compliments here are sincere and well deserved.
15:35 28 Dec 17
Amazing people! They got my case finalized so quickly! Very down to earth law firm. If I have any other issues I need taken care of, I’m definitely coming back!
Krystal Marsengill
22:57 15 Jan 18
This firm handled my divorce from start to finish. I couldn't have been happier with their team. Suzi helped answer all my questions and kept me informed of what was going on. They made the ugly process of getting a divorce as quick and painless as possible.
Justin M
12:50 25 Jan 18
We hired Lizz for a family matter because out of the handful of lawyers that I met with and called she was the only one who gave me a game plan of how we were going to not only handle the case, but handle the outcome afterwards. She was very straight forward in letting us know exactly what was going on and how we needed to proceed even if we did not hire her. She handled our case, quickly, efficiently, and kept us updated every step of the way. We were very pleased and hope to not need them again-- but are happy to know they have our back if we do need them later on.
brandie baird
12:35 06 Feb 18
My fiance obtained the firm's services almost two years ago. Although always being respectful to her they new that we were fighting as a family. They have always made myself and my in laws feel a part of. They delivered on their promise and have done an outstanding job. Thank you to everyone on the team.
Sonny Granger
22:20 09 Feb 18