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18-Wheeler Accidents

Our Attorneys Protect Your Rights Following an 18-Wheeler Accident

For victims of 18-wheeler accidents, life can change in an instant. A large 18-wheeler truck is one of the biggest vehicles on the road, which means its involvement in a collision is devastating. The size of the commercial vehicle adds more momentum to a truck crash, causing a bigger impact and increasing the chances of permanent or fatal injuries.

Far too many truck accident lawyers are ill-equipped to help victims get the full and fair compensation they need. Victims need an attorney with experience in truck accident cases to personally handle their claim. Those hurt by an 18-wheeler or individuals who have lost family members also need a lawyer who they can count on to answer questions, obtain proof of the crash cause and fight in court to help obtain compensation for substantial losses.

North Metro Litigators stands apart from other truck accident firms because we bring different core competencies to the table. Not only does our firm create a family atmosphere where clients feel cared about, we also have the type of courtroom experience that few injury attorneys offer. This means we are always able to be there for clients at every step of their case, so you’ll always know you have a trusted advocate. Give us a call to get an attorney at our Alpharetta law firm on your side.

Your Rights After 18-Wheeler Accidents

When you become involved in an 18-wheeler accident, you should be aware that your best option to recover compensation may be to pursue a claim against the trucking company instead of, or in addition to, the truck driver.

Trucking companies are required to have a minimum of at least $750,000 in liability insurance and sometimes minimum liability coverage is as high as $5 million if hazardous materials are being transported. An experienced attorney who knows truck accident claims can help you to ensure you are taking appropriate legal action against the right defendants so you can maximize your chances of recovering compensation.

Truck accident claims can also be different from standard auto accident cases because drivers of 18-wheelers are generally expected to follow Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSRs). These special rules establish guidelines for everything from truck inspections to the number of hours a trucker may drive.

It’s important to have an attorney who understands the special rules applicable to commercial drivers.  If the driver of the 18-wheeler violated FMCSRs and the violation was the cause of the crash, this creates the presumption the driver and his employer are to blame. This can make it easier for you to prove you are entitled to truck crash compensation.

Contact an Alpharetta Truck Accident Attorney to Ensure Your Rights Are Protected

The attorneys at North Metro Litigators have the necessary experience to handle complicated accident cases involving 18-wheelers. Our legal team will work hard to help you prove your claim in court or to help you negotiate a settlement that gets you the compensation you deserve.

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