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Head-On Collisions

The Truck Accident Attorneys at North Metro Litigators Assist Victims of Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are among the most serious types of accidents because vehicles colliding straight on create a powerful combined force that can lead to severe injuries. The danger is magnified when a truck is involved in a head-on crash because commercial vehicles can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds. Head-on truck crashes are often fatal or cause permanent injuries and it is often victims outside of the truck who are the most severely hurt.

Truck crash victims and their families need compassionate legal representation from attorneys committed to helping them get the maximum in compensation for life-changing losses. North Metro Litigators is here to provide the representation that head-on crash victims deserve. Contact an Alpharetta truck accident attorney at our firm to find out about the legal advocacy we can offer you and to learn how our firm can help you fight for compensation to cover your losses.

How North Metro Litigators Helps Truck Accident Victims

When a head-on crash happens involving a truck, the truck driver could be held accountable if the driver was negligent or broke the rules of the road. Head-on crashes often happen when truckers get on highways going in the wrong direction or when they cross over to the wrong side of the road, often because a trucker is overtired.  A shortage of qualified truck drivers has prompted many drivers to become overworked, even as federal hours-of-service rules that are supposed to prevent drowsy truck accidents have been relaxed.

It’s important to have an attorney who will investigate your case and who will do what it takes to ensure you make the strongest possible claim to hold the driver liable for losses. You also need a lawyer who understands the complexities of truck accident cases, as you may also be able to pursue a claim not just against the truck driver but also against his employer as well.

At North Metro Litigators, our attorneys handle your case ourselves instead of contracting out the work to attorneys who are often inexperienced and who often have no incentive to work hard on complicated cases because they are paid a flat fee. We know how to take on large trucking companies and aren’t afraid to fight for our clients – both inside and outside the courtroom – so they get the compensation they deserve.

Contact North Metro Litigators Today to Discuss Your Right to Compensation

When you are involved in any truck crash, you need to be represented by a lawyer with courtroom experience and with a commitment to spending the time necessary to see your case through. Insurers of truck companies have powerful legal defense teams fighting to pay you as little compensation as possible, and you need a lawyer who has unparalleled litigation experience in case a settlement cannot be reached.  Since head-on crashes are often so especially damaging, having the right attorney is even more important in these types of cases.

At North Metro Litigators, our firm is known for the advocacy that our attorneys personally offer. We care about our clients and it shows in the way that we fight for results. To find out more about how an Alpharetta truck accident attorney at our firm can provide you with the help you deserve after a head-on truck collision, give us a call today at 770-517-0045 or contact us online.