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Rear-End Collisions

Representing Victims Injured in Rear-End Truck Collisions

Hiring the right Woodstock truck accident attorney is important to get full and fair compensation when a rear-end crash involves a truck. Rear-end accidents with trucks can be very serious. If your vehicle rear-ends a truck because the driver stops short or cuts you off, it is possible your vehicle will slide under the truck and a serious or deadly underride accident will occur. If a truck rear-ends your vehicle, the force and momentum of the collision can also have a devastating and sometimes fatal impact.

North Metro Litigators has the experience and commitment necessary to represent clients hurt in rear-end truck crashes. Unlike other firms who outsource truck accident claims and pay flat-fees to lawyers with little incentive to work hard for victims, our attorneys personally handle truck accident claims. We’re not afraid to take on big truck companies and we have extensive courtroom experience so we can take your case to trial if necessary to get you the compensation you deserve.

Your Rights After Rear-End Collisions Involving Trucks

When rear-end accidents happen, drivers in the rear car are usually presumed to be at fault. However, if your vehicle is pushed under a truck, pushed into a truck or strikes a truck because the driver stopped short, it may be another motorist who is to blame for causing your collisions. When the truck driver or the driver of any other vehicle is wholly or partly responsible for causing a rear-end truck accident, the motorist who is to blame can be held liable for losses.

Truck accident victims or their loved ones can turn to an attorney for help navigating the legal system and obtaining compensation. Truck accident cases can be especially complicated by many factors, including the possibility of suing both a driver and the trucking company who employs him. Trucking companies must carry substantial liability insurance, so there should be sufficient funds available to pay for losses. The key is to make sure you have an attorney who is committed to doing what it takes – including going to court if necessary – to get you the money you deserve.

Don’t settle for a lawyer who just wants to resolve your case quickly or who doesn’t know how to present evidence of the truck driver’s responsibility in court. Make sure your lawyer brings litigation experience to your case and has a deep understanding of why truck accidents are different from other types of car accident claims. With the right legal help, you should be compensated for financial damages and non-financial losses, including pain and discomfort, that the rear-end collision caused.

Contact a Woodstock Truck Accident Attorney for Help Recovering Compensation Following a Rear-End Collision

North Metro Litigators is a trusted truck accident law firm in Woodstock, GA because of our commitment to helping clients through a difficult time in their lives. Members of our legal team have been involved in car accidents ourselves and we know what you’re going through and how important it is for you to have a compassionate attorney who fights for you while keeping you updated on the progress of your case. We are here for you, so give us a call today at 678-944-0000 or contact us online to speak with an attorney you can trust to fight for your rights and due compensation.